Our Purpose and Goals

India is in the midst of great changes.  In just three decades it’s gone from a ‘third world country’ to an emerging economic superpower.  But a vast number of Indians still live in poverty, exploitation and all-around backwardness.


The answer to this problem is education and practical teaching in basic life skills.  The founder of this organization grew up in a squalid Calcutta slum, a place with an appalling lack of hygiene; rife with illnesses, violence and illiteracy.  She had no prospects for a decent life, for a productive future.


However, she obtained a proper, well-rounded education, which opened the door for a happy, healthy, productive and prosperous life.


She, in turn, wanted to pass on those same benefits to other kids just like her.  She knows firsthand that there’s nothing inferior or deficient about the poor of India.  They only lack knowledge and opportunity.


At our rural school, village children receive (for the first time in their family-lines) a real education in an atmosphere filled with nurture and love.  We grow all the vegetables and spices for their daily school lunches on the property.  For many, this is their only solid meal of the day.


Our orphanages in another state provide the same nurture and support.


We also have several urban centers, which provide job-skills, education and character development to slum-dwelling children, so they can experience life abundant instead of mere subsistence living.  Many have already graduated from high school and are now in college, and several have fulltime jobs.  This is a first!  Nobody in their family-lines ever even dreamed of attending college.


Thank you for visiting this site.  Our hope is that the time you spend here will inspire you to dream of a new India in which no child is forgotten.

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